Services & Treatments

In addition to routine office visits, we offer services that parents need for their children. Here is some information so you can become familiar with what we offer.

Phone Triage

If you have questions about your child during office hours, call our office to have our nurses call you back with advice. If you call in the morning, our nurse will call you back by lunch time after discussing your child's care with our doctors. If you call in the afternoon, our nurse will call you back prior to the end of the day. There is always a nurse and a pediatrician on call after hours and on the weekend to answer your questions.

WIC Prescriptions/School Form for Medication Administration/Head Start Forms/Sports Physical Forms

If you need forms completed, please call our office with your request. Depending on the form and the date of your last office visit, these forms can be ready after 24 hours.

Immunization Records

Our clinic is registered with Louisiana Immunization Network for Kids Statewide. We can provide you with a state immunization record if you need one for daycare or school attendance.

School Excuses

When your child is sick and you need a school excuse, our clinic can provide you with a letter if there is appropriate documentation.

New technology with Electronic Health Records and Electronic prescriptions

Medicine has changed over the years and our clinic has changed to keep pace. Our clinic uses electronic health records to be more efficient and to limit medical errors. Our physicians have the capability of generating a clinic summary for your visit. This form will give you information about your child's diagnosis, plan of care, and prescribed medications.

Our clinic uses electronic prescriptions. During your office visits, you will be asked by our nurses which pharmacy you would like for your prescriptions to be sent to. Depending on your pharmacy, once your prescriptions are sent electronically, you should be able to pick them up at the pharmacy within a few hours of your office visit. Your child's notes are generated on a computer, which helps facilitate referrals to specialists. Orders for labs are sent through an electronic health record system, so our doctors receive your results in a timely manner. In the future, we hope to be able to allow you to contact our clinic via a patient portal to schedule appointments, request refills, etc.


Outpatient Referrals

There are times when a referral to a specialist is warranted. If you have any concerns, you need to voice them. Your concerns are very important to us. Our healthcare providers will strive to alleviate your worries. If we are unable to alleviate your fear, we may refer you to a specialist to help define the problem. Sometimes our doctors initiate a referral when they feel that your child has a problem which requires evaluation or care beyond their scope.

Our staff can help facilitate your referral to specialists. Our goal is to secure appointments for patients to specialists in a timely manner, prioritizing referrals based on urgency. However, every insurance plan has policies for obtaining referrals and every insurance plan has a list of approved providers. Our staff will fill out all the appropriate forms, obtain the appropriate prior authorization and call you with the details. When appointments are made with specialists, they usually request that a parent or guardian be present. Remember to bring your insurance cards to these appointments.

Hospital Referrals

Our clinic is not equipped to handle certain problems. For example, if a patient has a laceration, we refer the child to the Emergency Room or Quick Care for suturing. If your child has an urgent or life threatening problem, please call 911 or please go to the nearest Emergency Room.

Reach Out and Read

Willis Knighton Health has teamed up with Reach Out and Read, a national program that works with pediatric healthcare providers to share and promote the lifelong benefits of families reading aloud to their children.  Expanding language acquisition, increasing listening skills, and building long lasting familial bonds are just a few of the benefits of this program.  Our providers educate the parents on the benefits of reading out loud to their children and hand out age appropriate books during the well child visit for the families to keep and to use.

Reach Out and Read is the only national literacy program endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics and is available at our clinic. 

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